The Training Terminal

The convenience and knowledge to learn many forms of hospitality online

The Training Terminal offers a fresh approach to hospitality training courses that will leave you fully prepared for the employment path that you have ahead.

Whether you are completing courses as a statutory part of your work or you want to learn a new skill to take your career forward, we provide you with the solution to your needs – and we offer it in 10 different languages too. Courses include Food Safety, Health and Safety to vocational courses in Wine, Cocktail Making to becoming a Waiter.

Stats taken over a twelve month period for traffic and engagement.
Performance over the last twelve months with a 2.6% CTR.
Technical SEO fixes - still an ongoing process.
Quality, white-hat Backlink building processes undertaken over the last 12 months.

What We Did

  • Research and Strategy Planning
  • On-page and Off-page SEO
  • Citation and Local SEO



Increasing the exposure of the eCommerce within the online training market and increasing conversions. Tasked with improving the overall UX for the reader.



Ramping up relevant and engaging content on-site to improve the user experience (UX) has helped convert more customers into signing up for the courses and seeing the value that Training Terminal provide. Building out a citation and Local SEO programme has increased brand exposure online with increased assets online.



Traffic has increased by 16% and engagement has mirrored this with an uptake of 29.29%. Bounce rate has decreased by 14% and readers have spent more time on site - an increase of 27%.

29% Engagement

16% Traffic Increase

27% Bounce Rate

From The Client

“Appreciate the update and the need for speed."

Thank you Andy - Always friendly and approachable. Excellent at coming up with new ideas for content and ways to improve current content for best rankings. Monthly reports are useful for tracking progress and analysing rankings. Highly recommended
Andrew Dally
Andrew Dally
12:07 19 Dec 18
Andy has improved search rankings significantly for our client over the last few months at a very reasonable cost. Andy is an excellent communicator, reports comprehensively and on time, and is very knowledgable about search marketing, as demonstrated by the results. It has been a pleasure working with him.
Hopscotch Studios
Hopscotch Studios
15:51 09 Oct 18
Great dealing with Andy and team - clear, concise and professional for SEO services and digital marketing. They were open about what can realistically be achieved and demonstrated capability/results on a monthly basis.
Matter Of Software
Matter Of Software
07:46 10 Oct 18
fantastic service first class, SEO No one better for sure, Thank You hygienica (uk) ltd
Kevin Charles
Kevin Charles
14:09 27 Nov 18
Andy has been phenomenal to work with. Everything about our experience has been first rate.
TruRooms Inc.
TruRooms Inc.
20:20 11 Oct 18

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